About Us
About us
Fujian enhui medical and health materials co., ltd. was established on April 12, 2012 upon approval. Business address: djia industrial concentration zone, djia township, gutian county. The land area reaches 13,782 square meters. Our company is a professional organization engaged in the design, production and sales of medical clothing, mainly producing: doctor uniform series, nursing suit series, surgical suit series, emergency suit series, operating room cotton products, etc. Our company is a major manufacturer in fujian medical clothing, the company is committed to the r&d and production of high quality clothing products, and customer oriented, continuous innovation, make the product more specialization, diversification, according to different working environment, with practical, functional clothing, the company also carried out a professional factory with clothes, such as electronic, pharmaceutical, petrochemical industry, LCD, coating, aerospace, precision instruments, food, cosmetics production line of dust-free purification, clothing, garment, smock, super net, can according to industry.